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Good community group [Jun. 3rd, 2006|02:12 pm]
Be __thin.
A community for the truly eating disordered.
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...Sigh [Apr. 25th, 2005|10:50 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |My fan]

       It is I, it has been a long time since I last posted. Either I have been to lazy or too busy to post in here. Did anyone miss me? I doubt it.
    Bad news, I am at my highest weight ever. I guess it is time to get my ass in gear especially considering I have prom the beginning of June and a wedding I am staninding in in July. Damn it all to hell. But on the plus side Tomarra and I are starting a fast on Wednesday and going to Saturday so good thing I am not going anywhere that requires me to eat something.
    I can not believe that America's Next Top Model is almost over. I love that show SO MUCH. I can not miss it ever.
    Oh what has been going on with me. Well during March Break Jeremy, Corey and I went to Ottawa for 4 days and 3 nights. I LOVE it there, I did not want to come home I was tempted to stay with a friend at University.
    Other than that nothing else new. In the final months of school. Done at the end of June. Doing really good in law this year, though I have never taken it. I guess I beat Jeremy on the last test, though his dad found out that there was one of his old test floating around and people were using it so no more open note test and he is totally changing his test. Got to love how people fuck up a good thing for you.
    Well I am going to look more at livejournals. I shall talk to you all later

Love you all

>nothing taste as good as thin feels<
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Just a Quiz [Oct. 27th, 2004|05:08 pm]
[Current Mood |thirstythirsty]
[Current Music |the phone ringing]

Well it is just me posting a quiz I took. Nothing too special although intriging.

Blah my mother is making supper. I have not eatten all day which I am happy about. Well I had some candy and water but that has been it. My friend Dawn though tried to make me eat one of her fries at lunch but I so nicely declined her offer.

<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/M/Mythwrin/1057800160_sacolour.jpg" border="0" alt="Anxious Anorexic"><br>Anxious Anorexic
For you, starvation is safety and control. The<br>thought of lost control terrifies you, and you<br>might even have recurrant nightmares about<br>binging. You're very stressed out, and people<br>unload even more stress on you. To keep from<br>cracking, you procrasinate, starve, and isolate<br>yourself.
<br><br><a href="http://quizilla.com/users/Mythwrin/quizzes/What%20Kind%20of%20Anorexic%20Are%20You%3F/"> <font size="-1">What Kind of Anorexic Are You?</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href="http://quizilla.com">Quizilla</a></font>

Love you all

>Nothing taste as good as thin feels<

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Got Bored [Sep. 3rd, 2004|04:37 pm]
[Current Mood |sicksick]
[Current Music |the a/c is on]

How will you end up! (ED version) by Angelz_Shadower
Lowest Weight (lbs) 50
Highest Weight (lbs) 105
Worst Binge (kcals) 2,792
Best Fast (days) 15
Final Opinion You are desirable
Do you Revover? Not quite fully...
Quiz created with MemeGen!


Oh I wish I was at 105...my goal weight!!!  Would be amazing...Yippie.

Lowest weight now that is SCARY

Love you all <3

>nothing taste as good as thin feels<

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Horrible Day [Aug. 31st, 2004|11:56 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]
[Current Music |nothing...yet again]

I fucked up royally today. I let myself down ,I let lose, I am so bad. I was not going to eat or if I did eat I was going to eat 500 calories or less. And I ate and ate. I hated myself for doing it. I need to be slapped.

Starting today (since it is 12:02am) I am going either fast or else resrict to 500 calories or less. I need to start losing weight again. I lost like 25lbs then gained 4lbs back. I want it off ALL OF IT. Well as we speak a friend just asked me if I want to do a 28 day fast with her. I am not sure if I can do 28 days but I will try my hardest. Only water nothing else. No gum, diet pop, tea,coffee or crystal light. Wow can I do this? I sure the hell hope so.

So today is a brand new day and a brand new me by the time I am done. My friend who has done this fast before (well 23 days) lost 48lbs. I hope I can do this. Ahhh wish me luck mood: excited ate: lets not go there.

love you.

*nothing taste as good as thin feels*

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My Stats as of Today [Aug. 31st, 2004|12:52 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |still nothing.....]

Height: 5'5 or 5'6
Current weight: 200 *god help me I am bigger then an elephant*
High Weight: 220
Low Weight: 193
Goal Weight One: 175
Goal Weight Two: 140
Goal Weight Three: 120
Goal Weight Four: 105 (by February)

Current Mood: Pretty happy, yet sore.
Eatten today: Nothing thus far, but I have had a few sips if the new Coke. "C2"

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New Live Journal for Me [Aug. 31st, 2004|12:40 pm]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]
[Current Music |dead quiet]

Hi, it is me!

I have decided to make this other livejournal just so people I know do not read it because they have no idea who I am, but I really need a journal where I can write everything down I have eatten in a day or haven't and what I have done and how I feel at that moment or threw out the day and where I plan on going from here.

You may know me as musicisforever but I have this journal so people can not find out about how I am and what I do. Except for my friends online that know where I am coming from and understand how I feel like and what it is like to feel like this day in a day out. As well the girls and guys as well that are pro-ed are so supportive and great people. :D

But that is enough for now and since I have not eatten anything today that is all. Well I will post my states (they are shameful I am such a bad ana) and how I feel and what not.

Love you all

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